The “Cell” not up to par?

Check this out, "Microsoft’s Matt Lee, a software engineer for the Game Technology Group, doesn’t believe the Cell chip has been designed with gaming in mind; he says certain aspects of the Sony chip make it unsuited for running game code. He also believes Xbox 360 and PS3 are about equal in terms of performance."

"In particular, Lee said that the Cell processor’s Synergistic Processor Elements (SPEs) make the chip more suitable for other operations, not necessarily gaming. ‘ "I don’t think the Cell is as well designed for game development as Sony would have you believe. Some aspects of the SPEs, such as the lack of branch prediction, make them particularly unsuited to running most game code, which contains a lot of branches," ‘ he commented."

its hard to say whether or not this is the case with the Cell, not everyone has actually gotten a chnace to play a PS3 and try it out for themselves, and no consumer has one for the home yet, so what he is going on is the specs only of the chip and not actually how it does or will perform when consumers are able to bring it home.

this also could very well be true. I saw a video of a guy at E3 playing Sonic on the PS3, he was playing through, and all of a sudden it froze up. Also keeping in mind the freezing could have to do with other things like too much heat or what have you. So we really won’t know if the "Cell" will cut it for games or not until around November.

Now we cannot put any of this to truth yet, it was only a comment this gentleman made, but what do you think will happen to the PS3? Will it undergo simillar problems as the 360 did like freezing? You would think that would only happen to new hardware that hasn’t been tested as well as you’d like it to be. I guess we will just have to wait until November to know the truth.