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Well, summer’s here. It’s been damn hot. I especially love staying in a nice cool air conditioned area playing my DS Lite. Speaking of DS…

Go Nintendo

Final Fantasy III for the DS is Nintendo Wi-Fi compatible! No word yet on exactly how it will be playable.

IGN Boards

Apparently the upcoming issue of Game Informer reports that Red Steel has recently been tweaked.

"Not only did the remote replicate our actual sword-slashes, but the recenty unveiled motion sensor in the nunchuck could be thrust foreward for parry attacks."

"As promised, Timing and observation was key to winning the sword-fights and felt just like the mock-saber duels nearly everyone had as kids, so anyone who has dreamed of being a samuri will pick it right up."

Wii-Volution Forums

"Nintendo President Satoru Iwata along with the Board of Directors answered many questions at a corporate management policy briefing held last week which revealed that the price of the Wii development kits would now cost as low as $1,732. Iwata expects to increase funding for research and development to prepare for launch."

If this is true, I really don’t see why any 3rd party wouldn’t try to make a few Wii games. Even indie developers could afford a Wii dev kit. This could bode very well, especially for the Wii’s Virtual Console.