“Stop Following Us”

In the world of gaming, there will always be the dreaded console wars. Some gamers that are "fanboys" of a certain system gladly embrace this war in the hopes that the console they love will be in front when new consoles are released. Some say the Xbox 360 was released far too early. Some say the PS3 is too overpriced for a next gen console. Some say that the Wii is too childish for their tastes. These three people all have the same thing in common, they are fanboys. Then there are the people that hate the whole idea of console wars. They are the type that really couldn’t care less about what console is where when they are released, as long as that console will release games that that person is interrested about, there is nothing that can change their mind in the sense that all consoles are equal. Now in terms of power, graphics and price, these three consoles are seeming to be polar opposites, but the ongoing accusations of people copying eachother is getting ridiculous.
Take what Kaz Hirai had said recently in the latest issue of PSM, "We seem to. Every time we go down a path, we look behind and they’re right there – we just can’t shake these guys. I wish that they would come up with some strategies of their own, but they seem to be going down the path of everything we do. If you look at their strategy in other business areas as well, they tend to do that." That is what he responded with when PSM commented that: "Sony and Microsoft seem to be going down the same path".
He continued, "… And the other thing is, you take a look at, for example, the fact that we incorporate the Blu-ray drive from day one. You’re not going to be asking me, ‘So, talk to me about this Blu-ray add-on that you have. Does it work for games? Is it just for movies?’ That’s exactly the kind of pitfall you fall into if you launch something that’s too early, too premature…"
He literallly takes a shot at microsoft saying that the Blu-ray player will be in the PS3 and not an add-on like the Hi-def dvd player for the Xbox 360. I think that all three companies, even though one may have stolen another idea, should drop any thinking like that and let the consoles decide who made that certain idea work, and who made it crash and burn. So do yourselves a favor, don’t say one console is better than the next, take the time to try out all three when possible, then make your decision on which one you like most, and which one, in your opinion is better.  Read the full article here.