Regarding This Week’s Game Show

The Game Show is going to be changing rather significantly this week and I’d like to give you a heads up.  As you know, we will be accepting Skype call ins this week.  I want to explain to you guys exactly how we have this planned so that we can all make this the best experience possible.

First things first, you need to have Skype and you need to add BreakmanX to your list.  Once you have done this please test out Skype.  Have an audio chat with a friend or two so you are familiar with the process; make sure your mic and audio work and all that.  I have tested everything on my end and am completely ready to broadcast this sort of conference.

Once the show begins I will announce the above information for those that find the show through the many other outlets and links throughout the Internet.  I am going to post a list of topics on Tuesday (evening or so) so you guys have a sort of heads up to what we’ll be discussing and maybe you can add a bit of enlightenment to the show.  Once you hear us discussing a topic, you should send me a text message on Skype saying you would like to discuss the topic, and give a brief description of your topic.  Once we have said what we have to say, I will call the people back (in order of question received) and we will discuss what they have to discuss.  Please be ready to jump right into the conversation.  Also, when you are called on Skype, please turn off the stream, as there is a delay due to duplicate streams and all the wonderfulness of shoutcast and net congestion.

The last five minutes of the show I will open up the lines to any sort of question you may have. You can ask us how we feel about a game, or anything at all.  Consider this like the Anything forum.  Ask us what our favorite color is if you feel inclined.  If you do ask about the color I will know that you lack any semblance of originality.

After the show you can download the Mp3 of the show with your immortalized voice.  If you have any questions, please ask it as a comment as I’m sure others have similar comments.