The Game Show

Be sure to catch us today, Wednesday August 16th, at 7:30 Central Time  (When is this in my time zone?) on the The Game Show. Click to start the broadcast. To write in questions, go to the IRC chat.  We will also be accepting call ins via Skype.  Please send a text message to BreakmanX on Skype describing your question or comment.

•FF Tactics Advanced Impressions

•Dead Rising Demo

•27 Rumored Wii Titles

•Microsoft opens development to anyone

•Yakuza movie series

•Yoshi Island 2 update

•SEGA brings an old franchise back for PSP

•SEGA Collection for PS2 and PSP

•New Golden-Axe for Ps3/360

•Reggie confirms online Wii play

•10 Stupidest Game Perepherials

• Political Win for Video Games


•CES Thinking about Replacing E3