A Final What?

So, I think we all know what happens next week. A certain game, of a certain fantasy is coming out on the Playstation 2 just a few days from now. Now I know what you are thinking, "hey, he's talking about Final Fantasy XII isn't he?". Of course I am, its only a game I've been waiting for since I've played the demo, watched the trailers, and saw the Perfect 10 score in Famitsu. I have a tendency to get all anxious and excited for a new Final Fantasy game. Makes me feel like its Christmas morning, and even if that was my only present, I'd be okay with that.

With the exception of FF VIII [Which I still kind of liked, but not enough to actually beat] I've fallen in love with all Final Fantasy games, and once I play, I need to continue to do so until I have beaten the last boss and watched the last FMV. There is something about the story, visuals and game-play that draws me in and doesn't let go. Which is totally cool, I mean, I can't think of any other game that does that to me. I can honestly call myself a Final Fantasy whore. No matter what the reviews of the game are, I'll still go ahead and get it, just because of the name.

I know what you are thinking. "Well, fuck him. He's just a square fanboy". Well, yeah, That's sort of obvious. Its not the type of thing that just happened out of the blue. It happened at a very young age, at a time where I would watch my dad play the First Final Fantasy on the NES. I would watch him progress throughout the story, and after he would be done and go off to work, I would play and go through the same parts he did. Its just been this notion that when a new Final Fantasy comes out, I'll get it, knowing I'll have fun, and be blown away by what I see.

The same can not be said for Dirge of Cerberus, and Final Fantasy XI. I opted not to purchase either, and I think When DoC goes down to about 20 bucks, I pick it up and play for the story. I stayed away from XI altogether because of the simple fact that, it is indeed and MMORPG. I'm sorry folks, but I just don't have a love for MMOs. I'm not really sure why, but its just not something I can shake, and trust me I've tried. So, what is the point of this thread? Rent it, buy it, but make sure you get your hands on Final Fantasy XII on October 31st, 2006.