Ebony Friday.

So today is black friday. I got up this morning at 5:30 AM to go to the Mall with my dad. It was kind of funny, I really wasn't up to going, but I went anyway. So we get there, and we enter through JC Penny and both got free Mickey Mouse snow globes. It didn't really look like there were too many people but the massive parking lot outside the place, I mean top to bottom, was full of cars. So we go over to Best Buy to see if there are any Wiis there. Of course there was none, and the line in the store literally went through a few aisles. There were tons of people there, probably some still waiting in line from the night before.

On our way to target, we passed by the EB Games which wasn't open yet, and I can imagine that it won't be open for a good while, but there were people already lined up there in hopes of getting a Wii. This place is tiny though, so I'm thinking that only a few of those people in that line are going to get their Wii. Target of course was no different. a million people cluttered all over the store, and no Wiis. What can we deduce about Black Friday? Its a waste of time, your better off sitting home turning your computer on, and searching around the stores online for sales and things like that.

Its not worth standing in line for a few hours so you can get a few DVDs for 8 bucks, or some games for the last gen for really cheap. More power to you if you like to wait in long lines for a retarded amount of time. Once me and my dad saw those lines we immediately said "Screw This" and left. My Mickey Mouse snow globe will be just fine thank you.