Sonic and the Secret Rings

I've just spent my first half hour with the new Sonic game, and I have quite a few impressions on the title.  First of all, I feel exactly how I felt after I played the first Sonic for the Genesis.  There's a marvelous wow factor that permeates you with the gameplay and the sense of speed, but there is also a slight feeling incompleteness.  Sonic for the Genesis is one of the "almost perfect" games, but I still always felt as if it wasn't quite as complete as the Mario lineage of platformers.  Not because there's a clear reason for this, but I just felt that way.  The feeling came to me with each Sonic game as I played it.

Don't get me wrong, though.  I love Sonic games.  They are one of my favorite series by far.  I just always feel like they are a little rough around the edges.  There's always a couple deaths I wonder why I had…  

Anyway, I loved Sonic 1 -3 and then really liked Sonic Adventure 1 & 2.  This game brings the feel back to the first three games which is a nice blast from the past, but I think this will also frustrate some players.  The difficulty is up there with the older games, which isn't impossible, but is a harder platformer than most people are used to.

If you like the Sonic series, you should definitely get this game.  Just.. ignore the story as it is a little lame.  Why even put in cinematic sequences if they are going to be like that?  If you aren't a Sonic fan, I suggest at least renting the title as the graphics are truly "better than GameCube" and the gameplay is some of the best use of the Wii-mote this far.