BreakmanX Game Night

So here’s the deal. A couple of staff members and I have
been thinking up of ways to get our community booming, and hopefully reviving the
beast that is The  most simplistic idea to
execute would be to have a game night. It’ll be a way for us to escape our
mundane lives during the summer.  In an
attempt to get as many people involved in this as possible, we’ll need to decide which game everyone has the ability to play. This is our main
priority right now. Time, dates, and details will all come later. This is where we'll need your help. I want to know what games everyone is willing to play. Here
are some of the games that we have thought up:

On PC:
Unreal Tournament

On Xbox 360:
Anything on XBLA

Rainbow Six Vegas

If you guys are up for a game or have any game ideas, post in our forums. Hopefully we
can make this list of games grow.