Smell that, Rabbit? F.E.A.R.

Life is good. Now that I have a decent job, I can afford an
infrequent frivolity from time to time. This, of course, means I renew
my subscription to GameFly. God bless those little people. They provide
such a wonderful service for such a reasonable price. Sure, they're not
the fastest, and they don't always have the best stock, but you can
actually rent titles such as Big Brain Academy Wii Degree from them. Is
Blockbuster gonna have that shit? Not bloody likely. (They don't. I've

So what did I rent with my first choice? Well, truth be
told, Senko no Ronde was first on my list, but I knew it was unlikely
due to an availability status of "Medium." So I elected as my second
choice to have something that I knew I wanted to play and was available
now. Of course, Senko no Ronde didn't come, but I was still giddy when
F.E.A.R. arrived in my box du mail.

I have to say, it's some of the best graphics I've seen. I mean, it
looked fucking sweet on the PC, but this little guy is pants-wetting on
the 360. Programmers who just happen to be involved in its programming
have reported they did actually up the graphical limbo bar for the
console release, and I believe it. If you haven't played F.E.A.R., I
suggest that its level of "You Gotta Play This Shit" is on par with
mainstay Half-Life 2, which seems to be picked for Classic PC Game
lists nearly as often as that one fucker who always got picked first in
P.E. class in school, you remember who I'm talking about, and if you were that guy, I need your IP address so I can hack your shit into oblivion.

In either case, it should also be noted that my Xbox Live connection is
now fully armed and operational, so anytime any of yous guys wanna
throw down in some hot Gears-on-Gears action, or maybe a little arcade
TMNT ménage à quatre, come online and say howdy. Better yet, don't say howdy. That's likely to earn you a punch in the face. Maybe the nuts, too.