I just watched the premiere episode of Chuck and I must say it is pretty cool.  I'm still not completely sold on the origins of his secret governmental knowledge and all, but the actual show is pretty funny.  The main actor is definitely the best part of the show, and I look forward to what further geekery they present.  From what I've read, the creator of the show is an actual geek.   I'll be watching it next week, that's for sure.

Besides it being a fun show to watch I also noticed a few interesting locations.  First is the Mexican restaurant they eat at on their date.  It is called El Compadre, and my cousin took Leanne and I to this fun Hollywood hang out last July when we visited her in L.A.  The second place is more BreakmanX oriented.  The place towards the end when the NATO guy is speaking on the stage and they are trying to diffuse the bomb is where they held the eFocus party every year.  This party was really dear to our hearts as it had some great booths (Intel, Logitech, Atlus, nVidia, ATI, etc) and also had some of the best free food at E3.  Very cool to see that place.  We actually were invited to that party again, but were unable to attend E3 this year.  Hope to be back there next year!

Anyway, watch Chuck, it's good for a few laughs.  Best geek representation you're going to get on network T.V.