Possible Absence

There is a huge winter storm beginning in Lawrence as I am typing this.  KU, who NEVER cancels class, is actually considering canceling finals because of it.  If the national weather service is to be believed I will lose power for a day or two and be unable to travel.  Thus, I may disappear for a few days.

Hopefully this is all just overreaction, but just in case I want you to know where I am.  Safe and sound, trying to have my DS keep me warm.  Check Lawrence, KS on weather.com for updates.

Have a pleasant week.  Should still be on for the show on Friday.

UPDATE: From Richie and Alison with love. 
So the entire city is in a mild panic over this ice storm garbage.  We’ve got some cold rain right now, and my gut says that if it were gonna freeze, it would have done it by now.
But hey, I’m just a big skeptic, and also the kind of hooligan driver that enjoys being balls-out sideways on public roads.  We’ve got candles and food stocked up should mild turn to worse, and Super Paper Mario to keep us company.
See you on the flipside, and in the game.
UPDATE DEUCE:  Uh huh, yeah.
Who called it ?  The BMX.com crew, that’s who.  Games, news, and meteorology.
 KU didn’t cancel finals, either, so I guess that makes Round 1 a big flop.  But there’s supposedly even more coming in, so there may yet be a chance to get sideways.