So A Weird Thing Happened…

As most of you know, we had stopped doing the show last year and then I missed it so much that we began doing it again.  We also went through some other hard times with server crashes and other various things.  There was a really big crossroads with all this stuff where I had to decided if I really wanted to spend the time and money on the site.  Ultimately I decided that I did without a doubt.  I love all the people I’ve connected to in the last five years, and our staff is the best lineup we’ve ever had.  Still not to the weird thing as described in the title though.  Our hits have risen dramatically ever since we’ve started doing the show again regularly and are now higher than they’ve ever been.  Absolute insanity.  Somewhere around 40,000+ people have been perusing our pages throughout the holidays.

Writing all of our bios was a way of introducing ouselves to all the new people coming here as we think it is very important that you know who we are and what we like, since that is the filter we see everything through.  If you’re new check out our bios as your first stop.  It’ll make the whole experience more enjoyable.  We are basically a group of friends that gets bigger and bigger with each forum registration.  And in that sense we love to recommend games to each other.  We’d rather be seen like that and not just another review site.

As I looked through some of the old posts, I started getting all nostalgic.  I always looked forward to writing them, and I was always even more excited to read what everyone else had to say.  As Richie and I talked the other day about the increase in hits, we decided that writing posts again would be a great way to give more content to all you guys.  Long story short, front page posts are back baby!  This post marks the first post in our system where you should be able to find a new post here every Monday and Wednesday in addition to the episodes of The Game Show that you all know and love.

While I’m talking about Game Show nostalgia, I should mention that I’m in the process of uploading every episode of the Game Show ever.  Click on Radio Shows on the left to navigate to The Game Show section to see downloads for these shows.  As of this second I have February 15th 2004 – present and September 28th, 2002 (first show) – June 7th, 2003.  Pretty cool to hear us at our beginnings.  Really funny to hear everyone’s first show.  I think the beginning period and the current period are our two best periods.  Every show ever recorded will be listed there soon.  Expect more gradually.

In personal news, I’ve graduated college now which makes me feel great.  When I argue with people about the history of religion I can no proclaim a Bachelor’s in the subject, which gets at least a slight pause before my crucifiction.  That moment is all I need to escape, anyway.   I’ve had an absolutely wonderful holiday with my in-laws in Chicago, and can’t wait to get back to work on my album and saying "Heyyyyyy what’s up?!" this Friday. 

It’s good to still be relevant after half a decade.  Now, if all you would just join the chat channel on Saturday at 7:30PM Central…