Hope You’re Insured

Where-in Maul recounts his holiday, makes a bold fashion statement, and has a day of it with his favorite physician.

I only got one Wii game for Christmas, but it was Mario Galaxy, so I
was happy enough with that. My family, typically rife with squabbles
during the holidays, were all joined together to revel in Wii Sports
multiplayer activities; later, my youngest cousin and I delved into the
Mushroom kingdom to gather star bits. Beyond the game, though, I did get one other game-related piece of paraphernalia:docpants_1.jpg
worry, I was careful to make sure the mighty Mini-Maul was covered…
and why exactly does Mario have a stethoscope help up to my junk
anyway? Try like two feet higher, Dr. M, that metal’s pretty cold.

aside though, I love these boxers, and they round out the upper echelon
of game clothes, IMO. They’d be number five, I’d say. Top four being
Break’s own Viva Miyamoto t-shirt, achievement unlocked panties , Busted
Tees Blow Me shirt; and nothing can top Seattle’s own Link . But
remember when there was a day when you couldn’t find a Mega Man or
Castlevania shirt? Now we can! The only thing more amazing than the
variety of video game and comic book shirts out there is the fact that
it took the clothing industry twenty years to realize how marketable
these little digital icons are.

But I digress. Clothes aren’t what
I really wanted to talk about was the good doctor. Mario. As a doctor.
Now THAT’S a game concept. Perhaps even more startling than him as a
boxing referee in Punch Out!! Was seeing him dish out prescription
medication in the game of his own name. Often in my youth, I dreamed
what his practice must be like. Let me show you what I always dreamed
this Brooklyn plumber turned fungus doctor’s offices must be like…