As the title suggests, I am having a bit of a party this Friday.  I have finally graduated from KU and this party is the celebration of this momentous occasion!  All Most of my best friends will descend upon the Breakdom for an evening of delicious food (cooked by my beautiful wife snugbugx of course,) games (I’m really wanting to play some Dreamcast,) and a session of Marvel SceneIt provided by Maul.  I am even pondering placing the livewebcam in the middle of the party and broadcasting the audio and video to anyone wanting to be a part of it.  I’m really stoked for this party.

snugbugx and I did some rearranging in the Breakdom that allowed for the Dreamcast and a few of the other older consoles to be much more readily available.  As I touched the Dreamcast I immediately had flashbacks of 1999 when the Dreamcast was a potent package of potential.  The Dreamcast launch was probably my most anticipated console launch in history, and I counted the days from the minute I  knew about 9.9.99 till the day actually took place.  I read every article written about the damn thing.  And then it came out and I was happier than I’d been in a very long time.  The weird thing was that no one I knew was buying one.  I had a lot of people that would play mine and love it, but no one bought one themselves.  Eventually the black shroud of the Ps2 would cover everything and take 80% of the market share leaving the Dreamcast as nothing more than a piece of gaming history.  There are many factors that caused the Dreamcast’s demise, but I think that one of them was that the games for the system were catered very much to hardcore gamers but the advertising was catered towards the casual crowd.  Very similar to the crowd that the 360 advertised towards, except for the fact that the hardcore gamers bought it too.  I’ve been playing Bangai-O, Cannon Spike, Mars Matrix, Crazy Taxi, Sonic Adventure and many more.  But, as I play these games I can’t help but wonder what could have been had this system suceeded.  Would the Dreamcast2 be doing well in this generation?  Would the Xbox 360 or Ps3 even be here?  

In other news, it looks like the damage from Gerstmann-gate is still growing .  I really hope that Alex doesn’t leave because he is one of my favorite reviewers left there.  If not I’m sure he’ll be able to find another great position, though.  EGM , , Nintendo Power , and a few editors at IGN seem to be the only sources that I enjoy going to anymore.

Have a good week, and you may see us all on Friday.  Smile