Only Fitting

So I’m going to have to ask you guys to bear with me today.  For once, there shall be a post that is not even remotely game-related.  I know, I know, heresy.  It could be worse.  I could go on a rant about the superiority of the Jaguar over all over video game consoles.  It would be game-related, but it would be painful at best.  Not to mention the fact that it would be wrong.

Some of us play games as a hobby, as something to pass the time.  Some of us play games as a way of life, a serious endeavor that plays a fundamental role in our lives.  Some of us don’t have lives, sitting on our couches or at our desks, the glow of the screen the only source of light in the room, the calls of nature being the only thing that can pull them away from their thrones.  As fanatical as I am and as much as I believe games are an integral part of society, I pretty much fall into the second category.  Even games don’t hold an absolute hold on my life, and to be honest, nothing really has throughout my life.

Until now.

Over a year ago, I made a friend that I did not suspect I would fall in love with.  But I did.  I found in her a kindred spirit, but really even those words do not do our bond justice.  You see, I have actually been somewhat resolved about life.  I’d come to believe that, despite what movies and books may tell us, there was no such thing as “the perfect person” for someone.  I had believed it in my youth, but abandoned that belief in favor of a more cynical view, a change that was brought about by roadbumps in my love life.  In either case, this friend proved me wrong.  We’d talk each and every night, and in those talks I came to realize I was falling in love with her, even though I was trying to win over another girl.  She was just perfect; everything I could ever want, everything I could ever need, and fireworks flew when we talked.

And did I mention she was not even in the US?  This girl lived in the UK, but I was falling madly for her despite the distance.  And what’s more, she was falling for me.

We eventually decided to pursue a relationship and I don’t believe either of us have been disappointed in it in the least.  Sure, the distance can be maddening sometimes, but we get through it and we’re both immensely happy.  I can safely say that over the months, our relationship has grown into something stronger and more fulfilling than any I’ve ever had, and it has become that fanatical obsession I’ve never had.  I would do anything for her, or for us.  Whereas I’ve never had a 48-hour gaming marathon, i would gladly spend a weekend with her and her alone.  She is the only person who has the power to say “Could you please turn off that game?”  and I would oblige.  The fact that she asks that very rarely indeed, and sometimes even encourages me to play instead of spending time with her, should demonstrate to you why I love this woman with all of my heart.  And of course, there are many, many, many more reasons than that.

If you know me at all, you’re probably wondering why I would ever in a million years have any desire to let this woman go.  Believe me, I don’t intend to.  I intend to hold onto her, cherish her, provide for her and care for her for the rest of our lives.  And so I’m going to do just that.  We met because of Matt and because of this site, so it’s only fitting that I do this here.

My love, you need to look in your handbag and pull out that little red box buried in the bottom.

Will you make me the happiest man alive and do me the honor of marrying me?