Stay Well

I’m sure by now many of you have heard that I came down with something.  Basically, I’ve been completely incompacitated all week.  Sometimes when you are sick you can squeeze some enjoyment out of it by playing a game here and there, but I’ve been so sick I haven’t even been able to do that.  Today, one day short of a week later, is the first day I feel any improvement.  Here’s hoping that keeps up.  

I’m looking forward to playing Smash Bros. with my classic controller once I’m feeling better.  The idea of using the classic controller to play a new game is almost too much for me.  I fucking love that controller.  I hope to see many of you online with various Nintendo characters very soon.

Everyone reading this should put their delightful little Smash friend code so we can play soon.  When Melee came out, Shadow  and his brother came down and spent the week with me and we unlocked everything in the damn game in a couple days.  I can only hope that I can get a lot of the cool stuff unlocked soon as it is always irritating to have to earn something you bought.  I mean, haven’t you already fucking earned it?  The game isn’t sure so it makes up some tests for you to go through.  Ok, NOW he can play as Sonic.  Jesus Christ.  

I hope to be feeling much better by showtime this week.  I have to have enough energy to welcome home everyone’s favorite letter of the alphabet.   And now I must return to bed.