Spartan Mario editor Tron Knotts contributed some custom Mario
sprites for a new suit for Mario! It even has its own power-up icon.

Mario picks up the Spartan Sphere, he turns into Spartan Mario! As
Spartan Mario, he has a powerful Energy Sword melee attack. When I can
think of another power or ability Spartan Mario should have, I’ll add
it in. If you have reasonable suggestions for Spartan Mario, let us
The top suggested abilities for Spartan Mario:

*Energy Bar for the Energy Sword, which depletes each time it hits an enemy.
Energy Shield. It allows Spartan Mario to take one hit. It takes 10-15
seconds for the Energy Shields to recharge. Mario will lose the Spartan
Suit if he gets hit while the Energy Shields are down.

revisits Covenant Assault. I’ve given the outside area a new
background. It’s a custom ringworld background made by Michael Madsen
of I’ve also given this stage a new Halo BGM: "The Gun
Pointed at the Head of the Universe."
Text by JudgeSpear