Which Zelda is Right for Me? Part 2

Zelda: Game Boy to N64
The Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening – Original Game Boy and GB Color – 1993
first time that Link appears on a handheld, is also the first of many
times that he ends up somehow on an island.  Though graphics are minimal
(4-bit B&W or Color with the DX version) the game actually has a
few improvements to the Zelda scheme of things.  Now, instead of using
the sword and one implement, you can actually change out both hands, so
that you wield two implements.  Link also gains the ability to jump
through the use of the Roc’s Feather item. This in itself is quite a
change to the series as previously Link only kinda "fell" off of the multi-dimensional grid.  Familiar story (save humanity from
darkness, get home) with unfamiliar elements (heavy use of instruments,
now stranded on an island).  My opinion in one sentence: Great start to
what becomes a wonderful gift to handheld gaming.
Legend of Zelda: Oracle of Seasons/Ages – Game Boy Color – 2001
much more to say here that wasn’t said about Link’s Awakening.  One game
features a quasi version of time travel, the other game is based on the
changes of the seasons. Same GREAT game mechanics as Link’s Awakening. 
Not crucial to the series, and by no means concurrent with a running
story line, but still definitely worth a play.  My opinion in one
sentence: Two short(er) Zelda games that are definitely worth the time.
note: A port of A Link to the Past was made available for the GBA.  It
is mostly a direct port, where only the controls change.  If you liked
the Super Nintendo and wished you could carry it around, now you can! 
Plus there are some mini games.*
Legend of Zelda: The Ocarina of Time – N64 – 1998
Probably one of the greatest games of all time.  Period.  Where to begin? 
Link in TRUE 3-D for the first time!  You start the game as a young
Link, and travel across a lush, and beautiful (for 1998) Hyrule.  While
I wouldn’t recommend this game as a starter for a hardcore "brass
tacks" enthusiast, this is the one game I think every new Zelda player
should start on.  A new targeting system is developed, as is the ability
to use multiple implements.  Horseback riding is crucial to game
development, and the bosses are all unique, ENORMOUS, and fun to
battle.  Use of the Ocarina gives the ability to travel back and forth
from young Link to older link.  My opinion in one sentence: A great
reason to go back and buy an old N64, or get into the Virtual Console!
Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask – N64 – Circa 2000
in my opinion the game is not nearly as great as Ocarina, but I’ll do
my best to stay objective.  In this game, you are the young link, and
it’s a race against time (actually a race against the moon) to save the
day.  Your weapons now are mostly masks that are earned through various
quests and meetings.  While the idea of masks is new(ish), this game
feels like a fish out of water in the Zelda scheme of things.  Basically
the same controls as Ocarina, but not nearly as much "WOW" value.  My
opinion in one sentence: If you want to be thorough with the series,
then play, if not, you’re not missing anything huge.
Part 3: GC to Wii to DS, and Rumors galore… Future games?!