Harvest Moon SNES (Playable on VC)

you label someone as a "gamer", in the back of your head somewhere you
know that some game or series got them hooked on gaming.  For guys, this
could be anything from a 3-D FPS on their first PC to an RPG on the old
NES, to even (the new "gamers") GTA, Smash Bros., or BioShock…  Guys,
for once in their lives, are more complicated than the female of the
species.  For girls (95% of the time) the game that gets them hooked is:


1- Dr. Mario
2- Tetris
3- Harvest Moon
And usually in that order.
Moon for the SNES is for the most part something that could be
categorized as an RPG.  You shape the character with your actions, and
what you can buy, and eventually you even shape the world you live in. 
But I’m getting ahead of myself.  The key to this game’s greatness lies
in Natsume’s (developer) ability to turn BLATANT repetition into solid
So what is Harvest Moon?  Well, lightly put…
start off as a young man who is left on the doorstep of the old family
farm, once run by your grandpa.  The place is dilapidated to say the
least, and the only thing growing there are trees, shrubs, and the
occasional rock.  To the West of the farm is a modest town where you
can do everything from drink away your sorrows to go to church on
Sundays.  Ironically, at the town they sell everything you could
possibly need to get the farm back on its feet.  Also, there are five
single girls, just your age, who you get the chance to win over and
eventually make your bride.  If this game sounds like The Sims, that’s a
damn good comparison.
Your progress and how
you end the game is all on you and your actions.  Single chicken farmer
who drinks wayyyy to much on Saturday nights and sells eggs to further
his Midas Syndrome?  You can do that.  Married cattle rancher who knocks
up his wife (who is extremely pious)?  Done.  Sick twisted bastard that
lets coyotes eat his chickens and leaves his dog out in the rain, all
the while leading on all five girls in town?  Yes… yes you can do
that.  All in all, the game is a giant sandbox, only limited by the
stretch of your imagination when it comes to being a farmer.
The game almost starts out like an old 2600 game. Push start and go. Very little story line and intro, but not really necessary.
are confusing at first, and you’ll waste a LOT of expensive food during
your journey.  Earning money is more than tedious, though once you taste
that sweet gold, you just keep wanting more.
Mid 90′s SNES (say no more!). Look at all the pretty colors!
Repetitive and bland.  Humming along will become standard as you get adjusted to repetition.
none.  Game is long and it takes place over 100 days (15 minutes or so
each depending on how you play)  Once it’s done, you’ll never want to
farm again.
Score: 74/100 (this high only due to addictiveness)