Rock Chalk

Now, I know this is not game related, but it is related to the
site so you’re just going to have to bear with me on this one…

I’m sure that some of you have gathered that there is a sort of connection with The University of Kansas and  Q, Maul, and I all have degrees from the institution while Richie has attended classes there.  In fact, besides Richie and VDG I’ve met every other host on the show through KU.  Besides current members of the staff, I also met Weezerjedi, Jack Burt0n, and Afrotect on campus as well.  As we celebrated our Orange Bowl victory a few months ago, I now again announce with great glee that KU is advancing to the National Championship in basketball.

Saturday’s game had added drama as it was against KU’s former head coach, Roy Williams.  The same Roy Williams who said, "I don’t give a shit about North Carolina,"  just months before accepting the job there.  The very same Roy Williams that said he loved his players too much to leave them, just before leaving them.  I don’t have any ill feelings towards Roy Williams, and I hope he
continues to enjoy his life and new career at North Carolina, but it is fairly safe to say that KU fans had a bone to pick with this man that they had worshipped for so long that then went against his word.  Which is the reason most people are angry with him.  He could have left for his alma mater without all the talk of KU being where he was going to retire, and that he just loved his players too much to leave the University, and he would have had a hero’s send off.  All that said, I don’t hate the man.  But, when the chance comes to play him (he won’t schedule games against KU) then I want to beat his team.

Bill Self’s Jayhawks came out with a perfect gameplan that rocked the Tarheels and had them behind by almost 30 points in the first half.  KU later let their lead dwindle a little, but still destoryed them 84-66.  As someone who has watched the Jayhawks since I was born, this was quite the victory.  It is not over yet, though.  KU now faces the Memphis Tigers that have only lost one game the whole season.  I think we can beat them. 

Winning a game in the Final Four is nice to silence all the jealous cries of, "OVERRATED!" as well.  Advancing to the National Championship proves that we have beaten many other great teams that are absolute powerhouses this year.  And winning the National Championship?  That proves that we are the best, no one better.  Add that on to winning the Orange Bowl, and you’ve got one amazing University.

Every once in a while we open ourselves up and show something else that is a part of our community beyond gaming.  This University is a common bond for most of, and it is something that many of us are quite proud of.  As KU plays tonight, I invite you to share that bond and join us in routing on the Jayhawks.  We’ll be watching the same game you are, and hopefully having some of the same joy.