Post Take 2

***I fixed it***   Thank God.

No, this is not my original post.  My original post was lost in the sea of NOT FOUND errors that you have seen strewn all over the site.  It is weird to go to bed seeing a pretty site and wake up to the horrors you see before you.  We’re still not sure exactly what happened, but only sure that it wasn’t us that did it.  With all the moving around of our current host, I think it is some sort of corrupted file issue.  At any case, they are working to resolve it and said they would have it resolved in 24 hours which should be at 7:00AM today.  Did they hold true?  Only you, the reader, in your post-7 AM time period can know.

To the good news though, the party is going to be absolutely amazing this weekend.  Besides having every host there (except VDG and Jack Burt0n) there are many other people coming.  We’ve got a total of 20 RSVPs by now which is just about where we could cap it at this location.  With all the logistics of travelling and everything (11 of the 20 guests travelling at least 30 miles) I am very happy with all that are showing up.  I can’t wait to get my fucking game on.  

It will be a very special show this weekend as Shadow will be there.. with a good mic.  All sorts of insanity could let loose.  Asswater, Kingdom Hearts… it is all there.  All the current staffers will be there, except Mecha due to him living half the country away, as well as the previously mentioned Shadow.  For those of you with stalker-esque qualities we will be broadcasting our much of the LAN party starting around 9:30ish on our webcams.  The link will magically appear on the front page, much like the deliciousness of Lucky Charms, when the time is right.  I’m pumped man.