Lots of Cardboard With No Tube In Sight

So, Metal Gear launches this week and everyone is crawling around their house in excitement.  Only a game of this prestige could make people sneaking around their houses in boxes seem normal.  I have a pretty long-term history with the series as I’ve been playing them since the NES days.  Despite that, I have had a pretty rocky relationship with the Solid series only because of reality biting my experience.  I loved Metal Gear Solid 1.  Absolutely loved it.  Unfortunately, this was the first game I ever bought used and the game was scratched just right as to not allow me to move beyond a certain point.  My head was so close to exploding on several occasions that I eventually just had to put it down for the time being, and following that there were many RPGs spinning in my PlayStation and I just never went back to it.  I played a little of both 2 and 3, but because I had never finished 1 I didn’t want to get too far in as to not ruin the story.  

I finally got a working copy of the game and have been really playing it lately and I’m surprised just how well it holds up.  Obviously, the PSX era polygonal graphics are a dated, but not so much that it ruins the experience.  Games that use polygons tend to age a lot worse than games that use sprites, but the Metal Gear series is definitely one that is done better in 3D.  I’m loving Metal Gear Solid and hope to get through the series and culminate with 4 on the PS3.

I’m also still playing through Wind Waker, and the more I play through it again the more I realize just what a masterpiece it is.  Right now, I think it ranks 2nd right behind Link to the Past in my opinion.  Ironically, this game actually seems the most like Link to the Past to me as it seems to illicit a lot of the same feelings in the gameplay.  It is also the most true to the Zelda series at large, in my opinion.

Also, to keep you up to date with my great long distance adventure, Richie has agreed to go out there with me and even stay around out there with me for a while which I am really looking forward to.  It had been a while since I’ve had time to hang out with Richie for a long duration so it should really rock.  Lots of game playing and such at the hotels.  There is a bonus for you as well.  He brought up the idea of doing a kind of feature where we make posts to keep you up to date on our progress along with photos and videos of us driving across country and all that.  It is going to fucking rock.