Shot through the heart, and you’re too vain.

You give Star Wars a bad name.  We’ve known an animated movie was in the works, and now we get our first taste:

My feelings in one word:  Silly.  Yeah, I said it.  I think it’s cool that Lucas wants to take Star Wars in a new direction…just not this direction.  I can’t place what exactly it is about this art style that doesn’t sit with me.  It’s strange, since I enjoyed the animated series (2D), but don’t care for this style (3D).  I’ll have you keep in mind, though, that from this movie will come a TV show, and the animation quality may have been chosen to keep costs down over the course of a series.

I’m sure I’ll be called a heathen, and I’m sure the true Star Wars fans will rally behind it.  Above all, I’m not saying it’s going to suck.  Just that, for now, it looks silly.

In the mean time, I’ve mostly dropped GTA4 and Mario Kart in favor of a newcomer – Boom Blox for Wii.  The name isn’t very confidence inspiring, cover art doesn’t help, and it’s from our beloved “WE BUY EVERYTHING” EA, but it’s actually the best implementation of the Wiimote I’ve seen since Super Mario Galaxy.  In short, this is the kind of game I wanted when I first saw the Wii revealed – not a rehash, not a port, something totally original on the only console brave enough to step away from the norm in this generation.   Rejoice.

Describing Boom Blox is almost impossible, and any attempt usually makes the game sound even worse, but Jenga references help, i.e. Jenga meets Lemmings meets Breakout.  It’s a blast, and addictive to boot.  If you’re still not sure, EGM gave it A’s across the board, and GameRankings gives it an average of 85.6% – pretty damn good for a Wii game that isn’t from Nintendo.

Hell, even Alison enjoys it.

See you in the game.