Sorry for the lateness of this post.  For whatever reason I forgot to hit publish…

One glance around the site and one fact become immediately apparent.  I like Mega Man. I’ve liked Mega Man since I played Mega Man 2 in the summer of 1989.  Since that glorious moment, Mega Man has been increasingly engrained into my being as a gamer.  

The first time I fired up the internet at home back in April of 1996, I can remember going to and looking up all the wonderous things that would be coming out on the mysterious Nintendo 64.  After poking around on their sitea little more I found that they had a section of links for pages that were created by students at Digipen .  This turned me on to one of my favorite sites on the internet, The Mega Man Home Page .  It was actually this page that inspired me to make my first website, BreakmanX’s hall of GreatNESs.  Yes, a lame title, but I was in 6th grade.  Besides the site, it turned me onto the IRC channel #megaman where I made many friends and learned a lot about gaming and technology.  This all set me on the path to create which helped me make some of the best friends in my life.  In short, Mega Man had a huge influence on my life. 

Unfortunately, Mega Man hasn’t had quite as good of a run since then as I have.  After Mega Man X4 the series has had many noticable drops in quality for various reasons.  Although I continue to play many of the games, I definitely can tell that these are not the games I grew up with.  

Enter Mega Man 9.  This game is going to focus on what made Mega Man great in the first place; Gameplay!  Besides simply bringing Mega Man back as it started, it is an incredibly interesting experiment to see if gamers of today will appreciate quality gameplay over amazing graphics.  I mean, I still love 8 bit style and think it is beautiful, but I know everyone is not that way.

As it stands, Mega Man 9 is probably my most anticipated game.  How do you all feel?