Naughty Bits Ep. 3 – 2 Mauls 1 Cup

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Back from the dead, RurouniQ, Richie, Maul, and Tholo are here for your brains! And they won’t stop until ALL BRAINS ARE EATEN!

By way of discussing:

* Geeking It Up
* Week in Release (plus a lil’ more)
* Follow-Up: FFXI Boss Now Weak Against Small Fuzzy Animals
* Retro Devs Bail, Form Multiplatform Studio, Nintendo Wipes Away Tears with Wads of Bills
* Rock Band 2: The TV?
* Guitar Hero IV: A New Hope
* MK vs. DC Character List Unmasked
* MS to Ensemble: Thanks for the Work, Now Get Out
* EA + Take-Two Not Gonna Happen, Wouldn’t Be Prudent
* BIG NEWS: Spore DRM Cuntsicle

Graphic images may appear in your head with the listening of this podcast.