Naughty Bits Ep. 12 – Ninja Tentacle Demons

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So, a little late this week. But better late then never, right? RIGHT?? Don’t mind the glitches and the performance enhancing drugs. This week is our mailbag extravaganza! Still looking for a name, people; you’ve got two weeks to come up with something better than "Uncle Slappy’s Dog and Pony Scat Show". This isn’t rocket science.

On this week’s show, we bring you:

* Geeking It Up
* Week in Release
* Enough With the Rabble Rabble, Sonic Delay is OK
* Goo Pirates Suck
* Assgoo of the Lich King Already Beaten
* Swag Get! US Club Nintendo Won’t Suck
* What Happens In Second Life Doesn’t Stay In Second Life
* Cryptic Porting MMO Engine to PS3, Dunna Have the Power to Port Warp Engines
* Regarding the Industry’s Handling of Botched Shit
* The Charts with Majel
* Mail Sack… Inquisition… Call… Whatever

In the event of a water landing, the H-game romance interest’s breasts on your left can be used as flotation devices.