Naughty Bits Ep. 13 – I Can’t Un-Imagine That

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Alright, I’m going to keep this short. There’s turkey to be eaten, people. Sadly, we were sans-Richie for this one, but we make a good go of it. Also, SOMEONE (read: Tholo) forgot his good microphone at work, so he had to use the built-in mic; please excuse the audio suck.

On this week’s show, we bring you:

* Geeking It Up
* Quickies
* Week in Release
* Sony is a Bunch of Childish Petty Asswipes, I Want My Spider-Man 3 Dammit
* Eidos Up to Their Old Tricks Again and Proud of It
* The Race to the Bargain Bin
* Maily Maily Mail Sack
* Let Us All Give Thanks for Shopping Bargains

How much you wanna bet Palin ate BOTH those turkeys?