Sonic Unleashed

So, my holiday break has begun with me playing Sonic Unleashed.  As many of you know I’m a fan of the Sonic series and have been playing every one since the release of the original.  I even liked the Wii one that came out a couple years ago, despite hating the bug filled adventure that didn’t even work for the 360 and Ps3.

What do I think about Unleashed?  Well, if youre a huge Sonic fan then you should probably play the game, but I might suggest a rental.  It isn’t horrible, but it just isn’t great either.  You are treated to great, but very inconsistant, moments of a fun game that someone seems to accidentally have left on the disc.  From the beginning there are great production values, and you just feel like there is going to be quality.  

Unfortunately, it just never pays off on that.  I don’t even think that it is the whole wharehog business that they’ve decided on.  Sure, it isn’t great and it gets old, but it isn’t a deal breaker.  It is just that there is way too much of it.  The wharehog should be a very brief level somewhere that you traverse somewhere in the middle of the game where the level ends just as it becomes enjoyable, but before you want to cry.  

There are also a few really odd bugs.  Should I go through a fence and get stuck in an unmovable area, therefore requireing a mandatory quit out, when I attack an enemy?  I don’t believe I should.

 All the flaws stated, it still has elements that are similar to a game that we played long ago called "Sonic the Hedgehog," and for those of you that love the series there are definitely elements that you’ll be glad you saw.  For the majority of gamers, though, there just isn’t enough here.

If you’re a die hard Sonic fan, by all means play it, if not do not.  It is that simple.