Naughty Bits Ep. 15 – The Power to Give Orgasms, Go!

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Back to our normal way of doing things now, although we are sadly sans Maul while he toils away for the Man. Still, we have a grand ol’ time, and you will too. No, you really will. You WILL have a grand time. Don’t make me sick my Gort on you. You die, the Earth survives.

Incidentally, we NEED more submissions for the new Naughty Inquisition (re: mailbag). is the place to be for all the cool kids. Anyone who isn’t a cool kid must be a sneaky fucker. You don’t want to be a sneaky fucker, do you?

On this week’s show, we bring you:

* Geeking It Up
* Week in Release
* Teenagers Suck Pt. 1 – Killing Their Parents
* Teenagers Suck Pt. 2 – Killing Kittens
* Teenagers Suck Pt. 3 – Robbing Their Housemates
* Quickies
* Home is Live! Home is broken! Goddammit!
* WoW Producing All Sorts of Bill Gates, er College Dropouts
* I Don’t Think Cuntsicle is in the Dictionary
* The Charts with Majel
* Open Source Gaming (or "The Way Things Should Be")

Klaatu barada nikto, bitches.