Naughty Bits Ch. 17 – Troll 4Chan for Hedgehog Pictures

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Back from the holidays… WITH A VENGEANCE. Do not look this mild-mannered podcast in the mouth, for it is large and in charge. And in need of a good thrashing. We’re not quite ready for the awards show yet, but I assure you, it’s going to be one motherfucking awards show. If you’ve got submissions for the show, be sure to email them to As the Governator would say, DO EET NAU.

On this week’s show, we bring you:

* Geeking It Up
* Week in Release
* Starcraft II Facepalm, Zerg & Protoss Delayed
* Blizzard Tells Fake Suicide Kid ‘QQ N00B’
* Free Radical Out But Not Gone
* PSA: GameStop Don’t Want Your Xbox Shit No Mo
* Darwin Awards: Wii Version
* Nintendo Launching Wii Video Service Cocks
* Hedgehogs Are Now Legal, Black Market for Hedgehogs Plummets

This deserves a glass of fine cham-pahn-ya.