Naughty Bits Ep. 20 – May Your Nuts Be Full

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So, here we are. Our big special episode, is, once again, a farewell to arms. We’ve removed Tholo’s arms, which is why he had to leave after the intro… But we weren’t going to do a farewell episode without everyone, arms or no.
We don’t hold back on the news, though.

* Geeking It Up
* Week In Release
* New TMNT Game By Smash Bros Devs? It’s Pants-Changing Time
* Dude Sues Squeenix for Spam, and He’s Not Even American
* Braid Guy Making a 2D RPG? It’s Pants-Changing Time Again
* Little Girl Plays Violin for PlayStation, the Envy of Child Laborers Everywhere
* GameStop Making a Killing On Used Games, Thanks to Ya’ll
* Video Game Sales Now Exceed DVD Sales, Suck It Movie Industry
* Farewells with Green Day

To quote the Governator, WEEL BEE BAHCK.