How’s everyone doing out there in Internet land?  It has been a few weeks since Q and crew graced your speakers, and I was just curious to see how everyone was doing.  I know there has been a slight lull lately with the break that we’re all taking, but rest assured that this is not a permenant thing.  The guys and I have actually started talking about something that starts with an E and ends with a 3.  Certainly one of my favorite times of the year, we hope to make plans to cover it this year.

I just finished Producing a film, and will be taking the Director’s chair again shortly.  It has been an exciting ride, andI’m really enjoying myself.  That said, I’ve never worked harder in my life.

 I also reregistered the chat for everyone to use.  Most of you probably didn’t know it had gone dormant to the point of no return…  It had.  Pop in there when you get the chance, I’ll try to be in there when I can.

 I hope everyone is doing well!