Can Sonic Return to Greatness?

Project needlemouse has been revealed as Sonic 4! After months of speculation, Sega has announced today that they will be releasing a 2D episodic sonic game this summer. Details are still slim at the moment. However, after examining the 3-4 seconds of footage of the trailer, it’s safe to say that the game will be features 3D Sonic and environments in a 2D plain. Let’s hope Sonic 4 will put Sega’s beloved franchise back on track. Pricing or length deatils of each "episode" will hopefully be announced soon. Sonic races it’s way onto consoles via download this summer.

As a fan of old school hardcore games, I for one really hope that this new Sonic game will finally give me a reason to like this once great franchise.  My favorite games to play with Break are the more old school games so it would be great to play more than just Super Mario Bros. Wii.  Besides, I have loving memories of Sonic when I was growing up with my beautiful Genesis.  Sonic would blaze across my screen at lightning speeds without any annoying other characters to play as, fetch quests, or other wise annoying events.  They promise that this game will be a true Sonic game and I pray that they are telling the truth.

It’s good to see companies going back to their 2D roots, while many 3D iterations of classic franchises have been lackluster at best. Capcom started this trend with it’s release of Mega Man 9, featuring NES style graphics and gameplay. Soon after, Konami jumped on board with it’s release of Contra and Castlevania 2D style games on the Wii Ware. Sega is the latest company to follow this new trend. Let’s hope we see many more classic old school games get updates in 2d, and not mediocre 3D experiences.  I look forward to E3 where I can see first hand.

I think it’s cool to mention how Sega announced Sonic 4. Up until this point, the game was simply known as project needlemouse. A week before it’s announcement, Sega reached out to the Sonic fanbase by challenging fans to submit 100 pieces of fan created artwork. Sega was receiving artwork beforehand and loved it so much that they asked for more. In exchange fot this artwork, sega would finally announce what project needlemouse was all about. Needless to say, the fans delivered.