STOaway Team #103 – The MMO on the Edge of Forever


The STOaway Team disembarks from Spacedock, discussing

  • The formation of DJT
  • Issues with the Head Start
  • Cryptic’s incoming content
  • The best forum post evar.

The best forum post evar can be found at:
It is a list of things all STO players should know, and I guarantee you there’s at least something on this list you didn’t know about!

Also, to join our official fleet, Darmok and Jalad at Tanagra (or DJT for short), please find @RurouniQ, @Mykalson, or @Friedrich ingame and send us a message. We’ll let you right in!

As always you can follow us on Twitter ( or email us at our gmail account. Also, we are accepting listener content, so feel free to send it our way!

Download the M4A here.