STOaway Team #104 – Richie Needs a Silicon Avatar


The STOaway Team disembarks from Spacedock, discussing

  • What it takes to run STO
  • The upcoming STO book
  • STO hits 1 MILLION accounts
  • The best STO wiki so far

The STO wiki in question is located at

Here are the results of our research for a good STO machine:

Motherboard $110
CPU $125
RAM $106
Video Card $70
Power Supply $60
Hard Drive $70
DVD Burner $27
Windows 7 $65-$110

Total cost: $633 – $678!

To join our official fleet, Darmok and Jalad at Tanagra (or DJT for short), please find @RurouniQ or @Mykalson in-game and send us a message. We’ll let you right in!

As always you can follow us on Twitter ( or email us at our gmail account. Also, we are accepting listener content, so feel free to send it our way!

Download the M4A here.