New Nintendo Hardware

The Internet seems to have been set aflame by the possibility of new Nintendo hardware to be announced at their media summit on the 24th.  I think there will be new hardware, but it will likely be something we already know about; Vitality Sensor, DS xL etc.  Nintendo will hold off with the big guns until E3… AT LEAST.  With the Wii still doing strong, even though it is not as strong as it was, Nitntendo will hold onto the Wii train for at least another year.  Also, everyone has a DS, why change everything up now.

Nintendo has a very similar position to what they had in the NES days and they were quite content to hold on to that until they absolutely needed to move on and I see this situation to be very similar.  The stranglehold will not be released until their victims begin to loosen their icy grip from their wallets.  As a last resort, the DS slightly better and the Wiimproved will be announced.  ….And we will all buy it.

 This article seems negative, but we are all very excited to see what Nintendo has to show us on the 24th, and at E3.  There has to be at least one big announcement in the next few months, as well as some trailers of stuff we know are coming; Metroid Other M, Zelda.  Then of course there will be some Wii Music-esque disasters… but we will happily ignore them and do our Nintendo happy dance… and for that my excitement grows.