STOaway Team on Hiatus!

 Greetings all you STOaways! It is with sadness that I bring you the following news. Troll and Richie are no longer able to do the show. They have both found that their inability to find time/money to put into the game has become detrimental to their contributions to the show, and have elected to part ways. We wish them the best with their endeavors! Troll will be focusing on his participation in the KC Ren Faire, and Richie will be focusing on school.

That being said, we need new cast members! Without them, we don’t have a cast! I will be selecting two, count ‘em, TWO bodies to join our little circus. Stipulations are as follows:


  • Must be a current player of STO
  • Must be a confident speaker
  • Must not be afraid of casual disregard for purity of language and mind
  • Must have a decent (e.g. at least $25 worth) headset and internet connection for use with Skype

OPTIONAL (not needed, but a plus):

  • Podcast experience
  • Dedicated gamer
  • Creative use of the english language (i.e. ideas of the profane variety)
  • Willingness to let Q bang your mother (really tempted to put this in the Requirements column)

Please apply by emailing a Letter of Application to stoawayteam AT gmail DOT com. It should be 1-3 paragraphs on why you want to do the show, and why you should be in it.

Good luck to all!