Padinga Archives: E3 2004

With E3 just around the corner I thought it would be a great time to look back at E3 in the glory days. Here are some images from E3 2004 featuring some old breakmanx staff members! More classic breakmanx content to come.

Everyone, this is Afrotect. Afrotect likes the taste of plastic. 

Before I got here, I didn’t even know the AIAS existed.  Though it sounds great, they chose NFSU over PGR2 as their racing game of the year.  They obviously don’t know what they’re talking about.

Here’s one with Jack and the Bloodbath babe.  What is it about female vampires that make them so hot?

The Bloodrayne babe, probably the most impressive one of all.

Break stands tall at E3.


Break couldn’t resist the psychological call of this enormous GBA.  He liked to think that it was actually playable.

Pic of the Capcom booth.

Capcom had, by far, the coolest press kit out of all we were able to get our hands on.

This would be the press room available for our use.  It has wireless Internet, but it was so unstable, we were hardly able to get a few IM messages out before it disconnected us.

The Everquest II booth.  Shadow took the time to kneel down and pray at this point.

These are two pics I snapped of authentic Final Fantasy merchandise.  I then noticed the “NO PHOTOGRAPHY” sign.  Oh.

Gamespot presented their tricked out Scion next to their booth.  Am I the only one that doesn’t understand the appeal of Scion’s?

These are a couple pics we were able to snap of the Jump To Lightspeed expansion, which we wern’t supposed to play but did.  One is piloting a YT-1300, the other is manning the dorsal turret.
Logitech had a very impressive display, which consisted of shining light onto a sheet of falling water.  Very nice.  A pro DJ mixed some shit to accompany the video.

Oh ya, in case you haven’t heard, Sega’s big announcement was that [I]they[/I] were producing The Matrix Online.  An underwhelming announcement, to say the least.  Still, the playable demo was nice.

Nokia did a very elaborate booth, featuring dozens of playable Ngage games (mostly empty), with a courtyard in the center, where the Hometown Hotties from Maxim did their thing with the Ngage.

Nvidia put together some very sexy rigs to show off their new graphics technology.

There’s another Scion in this picture, but you probably wouldn’t have noticed unless I pointed it out to you.

This new product, called the Race Pac, folds out from this:

into this:

A good idea overall, but the steering and pedals were far too sensitive for my taste.  If that can be toned down, then they might have a buyer in me.While the game is already out, a Painkiller booth was there, and had some impressive baddies to show off.

I take it all back:  the Phantom does exist.  I know because I played it.  I’ll comment more on the Show, but it wasn’t nearly as bad as I expected it to be.  Dare I say, it might even be good?

Apparently, Infinium has so much money to throw around, they can even sponsor an Indy car.

Some more babes for your viewing pleasure, from Playlogic, Rome: Total War, and Sierra, respectively.

Break got a chance to try out a new snowboarding game with a useable board, which worked pretty damn well.

These are some more hotties that I took the time to capture, but couldn’t remember where they came from.  As if you care.

Obviously, Street Racing Syndicate had to have their fair share of babes.  This one stood next to a R34 Skyline, which makes her that much hotter.

I couldn’t give a fuck less about Starsky & Hutch, but their babes were appealing, so they’ll get mention here.

Another damn cool (and hot) babe, showing off some new vampire game.  She’s second to the Bloodrayne babe in terms of creativity.