Hideo Kojima Event

Kojima and Padinga

This is it, there is no turning back now.  E3 2010 has officially started.  The coffee is brewing at the Padinga offices, and planes have landed carrying our out of town staff.  It is ready to get this stuff started.  How about we begin with meeting one of the greatest Video Game Designers in the world?

The Padinga crew was at Universal City this morning to be mere inches from Mr. Metal Gear himself, Hideo Kojima.  It was a really great event and I enjoyed talking to the Konami and Sony representatives that were on hand at the store.  The event was part of a Peace Walker publicity tour and the line stretched far into the Universal City Walk.  Luckily, Eric and Erika got there early while Dustin and I went to the airport to pick up Weezerjedi and Mecha. 

Mecha meets Hideo Kojima
Mecha meets Hideo Kojima

While the throngs of gamers weeded in and out of the long line, several of our staff members went up and met the legendary game designer.  Everyone from our staff that went were big Metal Gear fans so it was really fun to get a chance to meet him.  I was incredibly impressed by Kojima’s respectful attitude towards his fans.  He acted as if he was incredibly excited to see each fan, right down to the last one.  He was also gracious enough to sign anything his fans could dish out.

Joe meets Hideo Kojima
Weezerjedi meets Hideo Kojima

Dustin gives Kojima an 8 bit classic to sign
Dustin had him sign an 8 bit cartridge

The people from the Konami and Sony camps were great and I look forward to working with them in the future.  In fact, I’m sure there will be more Metal Gear news here in the future.  


Erika gets ready to snap some pictures     Eric Robbins readies himself for Kojima

                                            Erika waits to shoot some pictures                                                              Eric is awed by Kojima


Joe Noh always arrives in style   HAPPY DUSTIN

                                                   Joe Noh, always in style                                                                  Kojima makes Dustin happy!