And now… Poo

Lets take a break from video games, for just a second, to talk about something vitally important. That thing is Poo.

Once in a while, we like to step back from the ol’ video game console, from our online multi-player death matches, and sit down to a face-to-face free-for-all with some of our IRL companions. Its true! And this time, we decided to do so with a brand new Poo.

Brought to you by Sandstorm and Wildfire (a pair of epic names if ever I’ve heard ‘em), Poo is a card game that combines two of our greatest passions here at Padinga, Scatological humor, and monkeys.


The game is extremely simple: you’re all monkeys. You shuffle the deck, and then take turns either throwing poop at each other, cleaning poop off of yourself, or drawing more poop into your hand. When you have 15 poops on you, you’re out of the game. Last primate standing wins. Your arsenal is a handful of cards like the Chim-Chim Poo, dealing 2 poos, or the King Kong Poo, which does 5. The deck also offers up specialty black bananas of bodily goodness as the Devil Poo, the Screaming Mimis, and The Snake.

The game’s simplicity is staggering, and works as a benefit as well as a drawback. The drawback to Poo’s simple game idea, toss numbers at each other until everyone else gets 15, keeps it from standing out from so many other cardgames out there that have more unique designs and nuances. However, the simple mechanics make it possible to learn the game in about five minutes, and start playing with the pros immediately. You can get a pick-up game anywhere at any time, and the quick, cut-throat game mechanics will appeal to anyone, even just strangers watching on the sidelines. Anyone could join in.   poo-cards

In that regard, Poo is a game that isn’t really going to become the centerpiece of your Sunday boardgame nights. Its not going to replace Arkham Horror, or Settlers of Cataan, or Ticket to Ride, etc. But it will be something you pick up and keep in your back pocket at E3, playing a couple rounds between interviews or at lunch, or if you’re just in that line that literally never moves. Play it between classes, on break at work, anywhere you’re short on time and shorter on entertainment. You can knock out a game in five minutes, fifteen tops.

So, it may not be the next Monopoly, but I know one member of my gaming group in particular loved it, giggling at the poop cards the whole time. No one didn’t enjoy the game. Simple. Goofy. Fun. There ya go.

If you’ve got fingers to shuffle cards with and a 5th grade sense of humor (or just a really weird fetish for poop and/or monkeys) then Poo is a must have. If you’ve more refined gaming sensibilities, maybe not a must have, but not a purchase you’d regret.

2-8 Players

Ages 8 and Up

5- 15 Minutes

MSRP  $12.99