Padinga Needs You

Padinga needs your help!

Mayhap you’ve heard of a little tool called Alexa? It’s a browser extension that reports the sites you go to into a central database and ranks all sites based on their visitation.

The problem is, the folks at E3 are looking at press outlets’ Alexa ranking to determine how many badges will be given out, and Padinga’s rating is… well, it’s a fixer-upper. Most sites are better.

So we need your help!

If you would, please go to Alexa’s website and install the Alexa Toolbar in any browser you use to view Padinga.

Visit Padinga frequently! Have a big ‘ol looksie-around. Visit the forums, comment on articles!

Make your voice heard! If you want us to present our biggest, baddest E3 ever, help show your support by showing E3 that matters!

  • Maul

    I just woke from a dream where, in an attempt to boost site traffic, I literally ripped a reader in two, and then posted about it.

    Gentlemen, I think we have our new slogan:, or else Maul will rip you apart.

  • Maul

    People can write in soap on their windshields for the road trip, “E3 or Ripped Apart”.

  • RurouniQ

    Apparently I need to keep the nice men in white coats on speed dial when you’re around. Not to mention 911. On speed dial. Can’t dial it fast enough.