Touch Pets Cats Review – No Seriously…They Purr

Touch Pets Cats Review – No Seriously…They Purr
Game Name: Touch Pets Cats
Platforms: iOS
Publisher(s): ngmoco
Developer(s): ngmoco
Genre(s): animals

I have an addiction… to a game.

This is a safe environment right? I can talk about it? No one will judge me?

Okay… enough BS-ing… here we go.

I’m addicted to Touch Pets Cats, my online iPod Touch game. Yes it’s available for all of those other Apple devices.

But I can only afford the iPod.

Back to Touch Pets Cats. They are adorable, and they really need me to take care of them. I have to feed them and collect their happiness points so they can reach new levels of happiness! It’s crazy I know, but BreakmanX (Matthew) told me I needed to talk about it. I needed to get the feelings out.

Just check out this quick teaser from ngmoco:

It runs to you when you tap the screen…

It meows…

It purrs when you pet it…


Wait…did you see the yawn and then the curl up into a ball at the end? Real cats do that! And you don’t have to clean these cats’ litter box! Well, you have to clean their virtual litter, but still. It’s hardly as troublesome as the real thing.

Once I grow up and can take care of a real cat or dog, I probably will. But right now, playing with these cats for about 5 minutes a day is all I need. Let’s face it, we all need something simple like this sometimes.

And to close my rant on awesome cat games, another favorite iPhone Cat has this to say:


- ItsAshleyMaria click here