jenJEN is getting an iPad 2… at some point.

I’d like to pretend that I’m going to weigh my options, consider the price and compare the iPad 2 with other tablets, but I’m already planning on getting one.  I’m an Apple whore, what can I say?  I already bought my skin for it.  I want it because it’s Apple, and I only need one cable to charge my iPhone, iPod, and iPad.  Oh I’ve tried like hell to fight this urge –I’ve been dragged into many iDebates with my family about why the iPad is obsolete, and all I need is my MacBookPro and iPhone 3, and blah blah iBlah.

My firm stance really frustrated the hell out of my parents, but I was determined to be the black iSheep, so when everyone in the family got an iPad for Christmas; I opted for an HD camcorder.  They eventually wore me down, and I finally agreed to get one when I heard about the iPad 2, mostly because I am usually the last one in the family to get the new release –even my sister had a PS3 before me, and she isn’t even a gamer.  So here I am, blindly jumping on the Apple bandwagon once again and now my parents can brag that we are a complete “Apple family” –the new American dream?  The family that iPads’ together, stays together, right?


A lot of people are excited about the quality of gaming on the iPad 2 –but if you’ve read my article about hand held gaming, then you are aware of my previous opinion about gaming outside of an immersive environment, sans mobile strategy games.   However I always like to keep an open mind, and I think the iPad 2 can be a nifty little gaming tool.  I’m seeing the console and handheld gaming line starting to blur, so the iPad2 just may convince me once and for all to become a more portable gamer.

I saw a comment in a chat room discussion about the iPad 2 that pushed my geek button –how long before we’re able to use PS3 or XBOX360 controllers with the iPad as the gaming system?  Where’s the bridge to the console gaming?  Well we don’t have to ponder too much longer, thanks to the new HDMI cable that connects your iPad 2 to your HDTV!   I’m really curious to see how using the iPad as a controller will work –it doesn’t seem like it would be very stable, but check out this video of Infinity Blade and you decide:

Infinity Blade game play on an HDTV via Apple iPad 2


screen cap Real Racing 2 HD looks fun –using your iPad 2 as the steering wheel, as well as Dead Rising HD!  I havn’t seen anything announced about a multi player option with iPads on the HDTV yet, but I’m sure that’ll be coming up soon, since party console games are all the rage.  A few others that caught my eye were AirCoaster XL, N.O.V.A., Dead Space, Fruit Ninja, and Rock Band Reloaded (but I’m not really expecting to be impressed by the Rock Band Game –using finger drums?  Lol).


screen capObviously the games are in the early stages of development, so there isn’t a lot to pick from yet, but I’m excited to watch the progress!  Some gaming companies (such as Ogmento) are currently working on involving the front and back camera features on the iPad 2 into their Augmented Reality (AR) games.  I have no idea how future games for the consoles will treat the new tablet avenue, but I’m hoping that “American McGee’s Alice; Madness Returns” is released on the iPad 2, or at least have a spinoff!  I actually really like the idea of using my PS3 controller with my iPad 2 as the screen, so hopefully that option will be explored as well.  My biggest beef with handheld games is that I couldn’t enjoy the longer role-playing/first person shooter games outside of my “gaming area”, and I felt that handhelds should stick with the simple games like Tetris, Snake, Word Warp, Sudoku, and even Angry Birds.  It’s like someone heard me and said, “you’re right, Jen –here’s a tablet that lets you do BOTH!”  Thank you, imaginary iPad 2 iGenie inside my head, and you’re welcome, Earth!

All of these games look like fun, but let’s be honest –sometimes we buy something we don’t need, NOT because we desperately want the item in question, but simply because it’s new and we want to hold it over our friends’ heads in a taunting manner and scream “WINNNING!”  I’ll let you know when I’m there.

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  • RurouniQ

    Mine arrives tomorrow. ^.^

  • RurouniQ

    Correction… it arrived an hour ago! WOOOOOOOOOOO

  • jenJEN

    Awesome! Can we start an iPad 2 discussion in one of the forums? I want to hear all about it so I can plan my app priority list before I order mine!