The Nightmare Continues…

I’ve been following the news and updates for “American McGee’s Alice; Madness Returns” (PS3, XBOX360, and PC), the sequel to my all time favorite PC game, so I’ll be posting updates on Padinga as the release date (June 2011) winds down!  Here are some of the nightmarish-ly breathtaking concept art and screen captures that I’ve been collecting.




























Also check out these haunting teaser trailers (the last one includes gameplay):

Teaser Trailer 1

Teaser Trailer 2

Teaser Trailer 3

American McGee\’s Alice; Madness Returns “Beautiful Insanity”


One more link for you guys -interview with American McGee & RJ Berg about the game:

Interview with American McGee and RJ Berg of Spicy Horse Games

  • Andrew Allen

    I had no interest in this game, but you’ve kinda swayed me a bit with this stuff. Spooky.

  • jenJEN

    Mental patient Alice rocks -I want to be her for Halloween!