Get an iPad for $300 off!

…and all you have to do is click this questionable link!  Just kidding, but there seriously is a way to get an iPad on the cheap right now.  With the launch of the shiny and fast iPad 2, Apple has been clearing out their inventory of the first iPad.  They’ve taken $100 off the original price, or $150 in the case of the refurbished units.  Personally, I find it still hard to justify a purchase, especially when you could order the new one on the same website.  Enter AT&T.

AT&T sold the 3G enabled iPad, and they were the only provider for the 3G service in the US.  Now they too are selling their stock, and you can get the 64 gig 3G enabled iPad (First generation), brand new, for $529.  That thing used to cost $829!  Obviously, this is only good until their stock runs out, but get going while the getting is good! You also have to buy a month of 3G service, but that is either $14.99 or $29.99.

You can also get the 16 gig at $429, or the 32 gig for $529.  Yes, the 32 and the 64 are the same price, so you might as well buy the 64 gig version.  Apple’s pricing for the same units starts at $529 for the 16, through $729 for the 64.

16 Gig + 3G
64 Gig + 3G

  • jenJEN

    …….nah, I still want an iPad2.