So You’re Getting a 3DS…

So you’re one of the few. The proud. The elite. The… slightly pathetic first adopters. It’s ok, I am too. I can admit it. I’ve got my preorder from the nearby evil-corporate-big-box retailer, and I’m waiting with baited breath for Sunday’s release date to grace me with its holy-Sabbath presence. But if you’re like me, you may be wondering what exactly is in store for you on Sunday, and what your new 3D pal will need from your hard-earned dollar. There will no doubt be a slew of accessories available wherever you’re picking up, and one of the largest sets of launch titles from which to choose your entertainment poison. We’ve got your breakdown after the jump. Get ready to jump on the count of 3. One… two… wait for it…

Three! Awww, you jumped early.


Believe it or not, you will most likely need at least one accessory for your new toy, but there is likely to be an impending onslaught of wacky useless frippery. There are three different kind of accessories you’ll want to seriously consider:

Screen Protectors

Many people will want to use a screen protector or two on their portable system to prevent scratches, especially on that bottom touchscreen. Be on the lookout for screen protectors that are precut and will require no cutting on your part; if you see a screen protector pack that says it’s compatible with other systems as well, such as the DSi or the PSP, avoid!

Also, some screen protector packs include a protector for the outer camera lenses, which can be an added bonus, but the Hori Screen Protector pack does not include this, and Hori has a reputation for making the best and easiest-to-apply screen protectors. Good luck finding it in a brick-and-mortar store, though. Shop online for this one.


The 3DS is a costly little bugger, so you will undoubtedly want to protect your investment. If you have a tendency towards butterfingers, you’ll want to pick up a case that hugs the 3DS while you’re playing, like the CTA Metal Case or the Comfort Grip. This’ll ensure that even if you drop it, the shock will transfer through the case instead of into your new baby. Otherwise a standard soft or hard case will do the trick.

Car Charger

By now, you’ve probably heard that the battery life on the 3DS is not so hot, so if you’re on the go a lot, you’ll probably want to invest in a car charger. No need to be picky here, any will do, but this is an item many overlook that may be an extra-life-saver for your battery-chugging 3D monster.


Most of the games for the 3DS US launch are getting good reviews so far, with a few notable exceptions. Japan has put its hand in with many reviews already, which we can give to you now:

Winning Eleven 3D Soccer: 8/8/8/8, 32 points
Super Street Fighter IV 3D Edition: 9/8/8/9, 34 points
Super Monkey Ball 3D: 9/8/8/7, 32 points
Puzzle Bobble 3D: 6/6/6/6, 24 points
Ridge Racer 3D: 8/8/7/9, 32 points
Combat of Giants: Dinosaurs: 6/6/6/6, 24 points
Nintendogs + Cats: 10/9/9/10, 38 points

Obviously, from this information, you’ll probably want to steer away from Puzzle Bobble 3D and Combat of Giants: Dinosaurs.

There have been favorable first impressions in the US of Super Street Fighter IV 3D Edition and Lego Star Wars III: The Clone Wars. Resident Evil: The Mercenaries is a recast of the Mercenaries mode from RE4, with added features, so this will likely be a favorite for fans of the series.

Of course, there are a few other titles which will be bought be fans, and most likely enjoyed, such as Madden, Sims 3, Dead or Alive, Samurai Warriors Chronicles, and Pro Evolution Soccer 2011 3D. If you fall into one of these camps, you probably won’t be deterred except by a series of bad reviews, so keep your eyes peeled on Metacritic up to the release date. Surprisingly, on Metacritic, the highly-anticipated Pilotwings Resort is not getting very good reviews as of press time.

Personally, I’ll be going with Samurai Warriors Chronicles and possibly one more… depending on what Toys ‘R Us has in stock. That’s right, Toys ‘R Us. I’m not buying my 3DS from there, but they’re having a sale through April 2, where all 3DS games are Buy 1, Get 1 50% Off. Can’t beat that kind of deal with a PSP!

  • Eric Robbins

    I’m definitely picking up Pilotwings and Street Fighter. Might jump in on Nintendogs + Cats

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