Google Fiber: coming to a broadband modem (or cereal bowl??) near you

If you’re like me (and who wouldn’t want to be), you get annoyed when you’re blasting your way through Call of Duty: Black Ops multiplayer, and it suddenly lags, hardcore. “Connection interrupted”? “Host migration”?? You motherfuckers!! We didn’t pay honest American dollars for service like this.

Well, our friends have Google have a plan to keep things more, err…regular.

Today in a press conference they announced Google Fiber, a service that will offer 1-gigabyte fiber optic internet connection. It will initially be offered just as a free service to schools in the Kansas City, KS area in 2012, but I can see this going wider pretty quickly.

I’ve been underwhelmed by recent Google projects (Google Buzz, anyone? Google Voice??). And I have hesitations about the name Google Fiber- it makes it sound like Google is trying to give Metamucil a run for its money in the natural laxative category. But this project sounds like a winner. With this announcement, I can see cloud-based gaming scoring a big victory, and physical media crawling an inch closer to its inevitable doom.

Anyway, I’m excited. Maybe a little too excited. Time to go get some bran flakes.


To learn more, watch Google’s press announcement here:

  • Matthew Nyquist

    Good it will bring the ISPs the want to cap a little competition.

  • Eric Robbins

    Finally, the US starts to catch up to the rest of the developed world. Internet access in other comparable countries is both faster and cheaper.

  • RurouniQ

    I’m living in Kansas City
    Kansas City, here I am
    I’m living in Kansas City
    Kansas City, here I am
    They got a crazy Google fiber there
    And I’m gonna get me some