My First Random StreetPass!

Yeah, I know this is kind of lame. Deal with it.

I’ve been in Vegas for the past couple days, and just in case, I’ve been walking around with my 3DS on so StreetPass had a chance of picking up someone. It was a long shot, but one’s gotta hope, you know?

Lo and behold, I turned on my 3DS on the shuttle back to my hotel last night, and there he was!

It’s-a mii!

No, literally. The name of the guy is “me” and he’s from California. Slightly unimaginative, but I can see where some people would be concerned (some would say overly so with something as relatively simplistic as a 3DS) about protecting their identity.

I walked around the damn Gameworks arcade the night before and got nothing. I go to a magic show last night and I come back with a tall, dark, and handsome stranger. Go figure.

Whoever you are, mysterious stranger. I hope you’re enjoying your… 3DS camera app, which is the last thing you appear to have played. Maybe, one day, we will meet again…

But not bloody likely.

Greetings, me! Hmm, suddenly I feel schizophrenic.

Hey! Down here! Your Nintendog left a little present, you gonna clean that up?

  • Andrew Allen

    It’s a special bond between the two of you. You’ll always have Paris. Or Vegas, as the case may be.

  • Eric Robbins

    I still haven’t found a single person on Street Pass. I have no friends!