New “F.E.A.R. 3″ Behind the Scenes



An interesting little piece with Steve Niles, the author of “30 Days of Night,” who allegedly “wrote” “F.E.A.R. 3.” His involvement is probably much more literal than the “consulting” that John Carpenter did on the thing, which I suspect amounted to looking at a few WMV files over email, with a beer in his hand, and asking if they could get some “titties” into the shot. Don’t get me wrong, I love John Carpenter, and you know I love “F.E.A.R,” but this whole “master of horror stops by and blows magic pixie dust on the game” thing makes me suspicious. I think it’s savvy marketing more than anything else.

In this video, Niles mentions that he’s curious what happened after Point Man went down in the helicopter at the end of the original. I’m not. There’s a little expansion pack called “Extraction Point” which addresses exactly this. Of course, Monolith completely retconned both expansion packs when they released “F.E.A.R 2,” but I have to wonder what the big deal was. There’s nothing in “Point” to get your panties in a wad, in fact it’s almost tedious. Point Man attempts to leave the city, and various ghosts of his dead relatives impede him; sometimes in ways that make sense, normally in ways that don’t. For this franchise, it’s just another day at the races.


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